Sunday, October 26, 2014

Wallhanging donated to Lawrenceville Library's annual art auction

My Happy Villages obsession continued (and I think may have culminated -- see previous post with 4 others featured) with the creation of a donation wall hanging for our local library's annual art auction. The library is located in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh, so I wanted the hillside to specifically represent that neighborhood. When I enter that area, I must cross the Allegheny River via the 40th Street Bridge. The blue fabric in the bottom right corner represents the river, and the gold uprights in the fabric represent the bridge. I titled the work as a Twitter Post - Stuck in Traffic on the 40th St. Bridge -- so that the view would be the hillside ahead. Children's Hospital is dominate at the top left, with a tiny portion of the historic Allegheny Cemetery to the left of it represented by some fussy cut tombstones from my Halloween fabric stash. I was excited that several people bid on the quilt and it sold for a nice profit to help the library. I've been a member of the Friends of Lawrenceville Library for about 8 years, and have donated something all 4 years that we have sponsored the show. The sale of this one is one of my proudest quilting moments.

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